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Original content is our gateway to unlimited creativity, it is our medium in which we thrive to excel, as it is the process of turning ideas into reality, and putting in everything we learnt and still learning into action. From four successful seasons of Bath Bayakha ; a local comedy sketch show, to documenting the action filled drama of the police force in the reality show Nashmi 911. We are an entertainment produciton company where all creative ideas come to life! 

Bath Bayakha - Ramadan 2011...
نشمي 911 - الحلقة الاولى


Johnny Dabeet
Tel : +962 6 4620861
Fax: +962 6 4620859
email: john@fluid.jo
P.O. Box 121 Al Raqeem
11951 Amman - Jordan
Dubai Media City
T: +971 569 580134
BLD # 8, Office # 114 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates 


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